The Biography Of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri [Wiki, Age, Life Profile & Net Worth]


Biography Of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Wikipedia, Age, Life Profile, Net Worth, History, Ministry, Church, Family, Wife, Children, Jet, Photos

Who really is this Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and how much is he worth?

Considering the fact he is among the the richest pastors in Africa and in the world with properties and investment worth million of dollars. We want to look into Prophet Shepherd Bushiri net worth and biography. Bushiri started ministering in 2002 and have thousands of members worshiping in his church the ‘Enlightened Christian Gathering Church ‘ with branches in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Namibia and Ethiopia. Shepherd Bushiri is from Malawi, he started his ministerial work from Mzuzu in Malawi before relocating to Pretoria, South Africa.

  • Full Name: Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

  • Country: Malawi, Southern Africa

  • Net Worth: $150 Million

  • Source of Wealth: Evangelism, Farming, Telecoms

The flamboyant prophet who is referred to as “Major 1” of ‘Papa in Christian cycles bought three jets within a space of two years. After he bought the third jet a ‘Gulf Stream III’ that worth $37 million on January 6 he told Nyasa Times “I am a man of God. I believe I need to live by example. I teach the word that strengthens the faith of all. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’, and that is exactly what I am doing now. I am what God says I am and not how other people judge me.”

Inside Prophet Shepherd Bushiri ‘Gulf Stream III’ private jet

According to Leo Igwe who wrote about the man of God criticizing him. Leo said if he claims he can heal HIV/AIDS, can make lame walk and can walk on air “Why did he purchase a jet? Why is flying around the region in an aircraft? If he could ‘walk on air’ why has he not tried walking off the jet while it is up in the air?

In Nigeria And Their Net Worth “Now if Bushiri could pray and turn HIV positive into negative, what is he waiting for? Why has he not extended the ‘special prayer’ to other HIV positive individuals and couples in the region.”?

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Net Worth & Investment

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri net worth is estimated $150 million, he owns fleets of cars, houses in Malawi, South Africa and in some other Africa countries.

Aside being a man of God he owns an electronic company, a telecommunication company, various farms and a private University in South Sudan named Bushiri University of Agriculture.

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  1. My name is sirkka hamalwa .from Namibia .man of God pleas pray for me i need mirecal money so tht i cn pay for my child school fee, and start my own business and help my family. Can u pleas pray for me so tht i cn get atlest $5000 Namibia doller buy 2mor morning man of god pleas answer my pray nw in the name ofjesus amen

  2. I need help frm Man of God i need mirecal money so tht i can pay for my child school fee and start my own business and help my family in the name of jesus. Pleas man of God answer my pray atlest i need $5000 Namibia doller by 2mor morning pleas man of god here my pray and answer me pleas in the name of jesus Amen

  3. please please my prophet pray for me i want to be real eastate a kenyan boy from and i believe ur God never fails…i need your help!!

  4. Major 1 , My name is Sibongile Modisenyane, please pray for me for financial break through and to be able to start my own business, miracle money, miracles to locate me and my family left and right for an explosion of blessings. For life in abundence, Favor and for the Joy of the Lord. God of Major 1, do something, eyeeee.

  5. according by me I don’t think if u ask something in poster u can say by tomorrow I must get that thing I asked for u nooo.tell god

  6. Greetings in Jesus name amen. Ever since i came across prophetic channel early 2016, i have been an ardent viewer. I had an encounter in a dream with the man of God prophet Shepherd Bushiri on 21/08/2016 and he said to me go and register with a political party in your country nigeria against 2019 election. Though i doubted due to iam no body in the society,i eat from hand to mouth, i have lots of life deficienies and challenges but i totally submit to the will of God, that so long as the man of God has voiced out it is settled in heaven.Pls man of God pray for me to be God’s kingdom financial. MORE POWER , MORE ANNOINTING TO PAPA MAJOR 1. THANKS. solomon maisamari from JOS . PLATEAU STATE . NIGERIA

  7. Thank you Malawian…yes I came to know papa Bushiri and my life make sense.Mother Mary thank you …I was amongst those who said where are the miracles that Jesus Promised Us.I thank the Lord for doing and performing this in my life time and am a witness.eyeeeeeee.i will testify …A young prophet South Africans We are Blessed

  8. Oh yes God really blessed you, I also want your God to change my situation , I am not working and things are hard am failing to put food on the table for my kids. I can afford my child’ s fees at college . I wish to be blessed like him.

  9. Your Word is a weapon to those who listen carefully to what you are preaching; May I also receive what ever blessing I can to help my family. May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you Papa>

  10. Prophet bushiri is a real man of God,the miracles that have seen have never seen them anywhere else,pray for my health and family blessing

  11. i am a taxi operator and doing other business all these business are not doing well . Please Papa i need your prayer for financial break through. I am suspended and my case is on friday 3/3/7. Please Papa pray for me man of God

  12. papa from the bottom of my heart u are my spiritual father and i love you so so much regardless of what people think of are a parable dats why they dnt understand you .dad pray for a turnaround in my life

  13. I love you prophet Bushiri and i pray God will continue to give you Grace all round please pray for me to get marry and have children,wealth, love for God more.God bless you and family.

  14. I was blessed with the verse of Matthew 10 verse 6 in a dream can you please pray for me so that I find way and purpose in this world .God bless

  15. Major 1 the only standing weapon of God, u conquer every evil in this world am a boy from Malawi, Ekwendeni side pray 4 me so that God will provide me with what I want am from a family which passes through hardships of life but with you in Jesus name I trust that every thing is possible I want money so that I can afford to pay my college fees am in need of it and I mean it!! With my trust your prayer is worthy for me. God is our master, great Amen in Jesus name

  16. Please help me with papa’s direct numbers,i need prayers over my leg,its rotting slow slow and i can feel thousnds of worms eating up my leg, believe me people of god,iam suffering day and night,and the hospital has given up with it.i attend ecg capetown and Rev ottis bushiri prayed over it and it got better for 1 week then start again.i do not have a job and i cannot work with the leg anymore,the jobs i can do,the company is failling to subcontract me to their own reasons,my uncles are suggesting i go back home for them to tke me to sangoma as they are saying the leg is not responding to tretment and prayers,and that is not my portion.i am a lady of 35 from zimbabwe and i have 2kids and i cannot work for them anymore because of this problem.i can also appreciate sponsors for me to go to pretoria from capetown to see papa.
    Please help me

  17. Thank you God for everything you have done to you Man of God and let him continue to bless you .Man of God please pray for me I am suffering on job and financial problem since 2010 up to now so please bless me with your prayer, miracle money,financial, breakthrough so can start my onw business so only God bless you
    I am Chiyembekezo Ngwangwa from Mozambique moatize Tete province.


  19. man of God pray for me to have a good always crying day and night to have job that paying good salary..Man of God answer my prayer in the name of jesus Amen

  20. South Africa we are so blessed to have man of Gog Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, papa i love you so much, i have seen your God performing signs and wonders to others, right now papa, i want you to pray for me , to deliver me in every area of my life, my sister is seek of Athsma so papa pray for her, i want your God to intervene in my situation papa, i know your God can change my story papa, He is a miracle working, the God who does impossible things to become possible, i believe that i shall testify, this year it won’t pass me by without seeing my miracles, Your God will do it for me in Jesus Mighty name i pray

  21. prophet shepherd Bushiri. …I love him a lot ,I believe that God is using him so strong.
    I believe in the love and power of his God.
    I receive him as a prophet of God in the name of the prophet and I believe that my life will never be the same because the said I will receive a reward of the prophet…major 1 God increase you #shalom

  22. Praise be to God of Major 1. Papa i love u n i love what God is doing through u. I pray for more grace in ur life n family. Papa please pray for me for financial breakthroughs. Miracle tripled baby boys n to know God more n more in my life. Thank u my lord. Secondly pls how can i get the Jordan Anointing Oil? Am Ujunwa from Nigeria.

  23. Why has he not extended the ‘special prayer’ to other HIV positive individuals and couples in the region.”?This question shows that the person who wrote this is a baby in the biblical things,In times of Jesus my bro,even people who wer sick wher brought to him for healing.Its the same as Shepherd Bushiri,he cant come to your house,u bring yoself to Jesus if u need healing


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